the competition!

  • The ultimate Research Tool for Amazon Merch on Demand
  • Built-In keyword tool designed for elite POD listings
  • Advanced trademark check for total peace of mind
  • ️Proven Ninja research to step up your game on all marketplaces
  • Become a Ninja now & kill the competition with us!

Easy to use research

Merch Ninja aka shirt research on steroids! More products and more data than ever before!Most advanced search algorithms, daily bsr updates and an endless suppyly of new inspiration allows you to take the next step in your print on demand journey.

Killer keyword tool

Ninjas study their competition, sneak up on them and use their tools to eliminate them with minimal effort. Be a Ninja!Merch Ninja indicates search volume, analyzes supply & demand, utilizes essential synonyms and the most advanced long tail keywords to eliminate your competition.

All safe trademark tool

It’s hard enough to secure a spot in amazons merch on demand programm..
Why risk losing it again?Merch Ninja helps you prevent trademark violations and possible account terminations by carefully checking all official institutions (WIPO,EUIPO,USPTO,DPMA,IPO,INPI, EM,JPO) for all marketplaces.
(US, UK, DE, IT, FR, ES, JP)

Merch Ninja Research

  • More than 5M+ designs with daily updated data!
  • Accurate sales & advanced trend metrics (using secret Ninja quantum physics bsr algorhythm calculations.. kidding, but seriously, it's damn good!)
  • Pick your favorite niche in our  pre-selected  Sub-Niche category
  • Advanced filter capabilities - Explore the Merch by Amazon universe using a variety of criteria such as Top BSR, Top Sales, AVG BSR, Official Brands, Deleted Designs, New Designs and many more
  • Always stay up to date and have a closer look at daily bsr changes of specific shirts using our bsr update service.
  • Analyze your competition - Merch Ninja equips you with tons of important information allowing you to benchmark each niche and make better informed decisions. This includes:
    Brand, title, bulletpoints, bsr(best-seller-rank) and bsr-history, price and price-history, reviews, first listed on, used keywords.
  • Loosing track of all the important events and festivities?Our Merch Ninja Event Calendar with 900+ events (growing on a daily basis!) is your savior!Relevant events and holidays, easy to filter and the research is delivered to you in no time as well - designing event shirts has never been easier.
  • Feeling a little slothful at times? Let yourself be inspired by handpicked niches(400+) assembled with the help of experts and the Merch Ninja team.


  • Discover the best selling keywords for your search terms and niches
  • Use our detailed amazon autocompletion results to your advantage
  • Check the relevance and estimated search volume of your keywords in no time!
  • Take an in-depth look at your niches and compare yourself with the competition
  • Displays the number of designs listed on the different marketplaces for the keyword you are analyzing.
  • All essential data, such as monthly average search volume for your selected keyword is displayed in neat graphs and diagrams.

Merch NinJa Trademark Check & 24/7 Monitoring

  • Better safe than sorry! Bulletproof your merch on demand account by checking single keywords or whole listings using the Merch Ninja Trademark Check
  • Monitor all relevant Trademark Institutions (WIPO, EUIPO, USPTO, DPMA, IPO, INPI, EM, JPO) for all marketplaces with just one click(US, UK, DE, IT, FR, ES, JP)
  • The TM Check is keeping things simple yet effective – just like real Ninjas. Copy and paste your listing and let us do the work for you
  • Merch Ninja utilizes the most sophisticated trademark algorithms to detect protected phrases, word combinations and common special characters for your selected search terms
  • Select your trademark nice class (25,20,18,9) so there wont be any unnecessary results
  • Use the "Trademark Watch" to monitor relevant keywords 24/7 and let us notify you about new submissions via email

Choose the best plan for YOUR NEEDS

(Every plan starts off with a 7-Day free trial!)

Research Ninja

All MBA Marketplaces
All product types (Shirts, KDP, Hoodies, Popsockets)
All Merch Ninja Research Features
Convenient filter capabilities
Detailed overview and asvanced analysis of 5M+ designs
Browse the top sellings brands and discover thelatest trends
More than 400 handpicked niches
Event calendar with 900+ events
Favorites Manager to keep things organized
Step up your POD game and be a part of our merch ninja community

POD Sensei

All “Keyword Samurai” Features + Trademark Check including:
Merch Ninja Trademark Check
Trademark monitoring for all relevant trademark institutions and marketplaces
Foolproof Trademark Troubleshooting:Copy and paste your listings and bulletproof your account
Most advanced trademark algorithms for all relevant nice classes
24/7 Merch Ninja Trademark Monitor

Keyword Samurai

All “Research Ninja” Features + Keyword Tool including:
Merch Ninja Keyword Research
Detailed Keyword Analyzer to distinguish quality keywords from mediocre ones
Advanced data, long tail keywords and synonyms to create perfect POD listings
In-depth look at your niches, keywords and competition
Detailed amazon autocompletion results
(US, UK, DE, IT, FR, ES, JP)
Different Designs
Alle relevanten
TM Institutionen (WO,EU,DE,US,IT,ES,FR...)

what else?

Favorite Lists

Merch Ninja allows you to save your favorite designs, sort them into customizable folders and lets you add notes so not a single idea gets lost. The CSV export option ensures smooth interaction with your designers.

Secure Data Processing

Of course all of your data will be processed in accordance with current law and all relevant security measures are in place to protect them.

FAQ, Help & Video Tutorials

Starting out is always difficult. But no worries, we guide you through all Merch Ninja features with handy support texts, explainer popups, a detailed FAQ and various video tutorials. Join our FB community and read our blog posts to constantly remain up to date

Mobile Ready

When we talk about the best POD research anywhere and anytime, we mean it!Take advantage of long train rides or waiting time at the doctor's office by using the basic research functions of Merch Ninja on your mobile devices.


Scroll quickly and smoothly through a universe of new inspirations and creative design ideas. Discover all relevant keywords in seconds and write listings faster than ever before.

Design Tracker

Can‘t find a specific design of yours or your competitors in our database? Unlikely, but possible..Use our tracking feature to add it to your favorites, track sales and receive daily bsr and price updates.

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